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Sunday, October 20, 2002

The Anti-Idiotarian Manifesto: Found it at Armed and Dangerous. It pretty well expresses the problems with the views of the Left, Right, and Libertarians in the War on Terror, and especially Iraq. Pretty convincing too. If it goes up on Petition Online, I'll be sure to put up a link to it. As a libertarian-conservative (with a tendency to vote Libertarian, as I did in the 2001 New Jersey gubernatorial election), it speaks to what I see as being wrong with the Libertarian view of not recognizing Saddam Hussein as a national security threat.

Also... Josh Kraushaar has been kind enough to link me over at his blog. He's the one with the editorial on Anti-Israeli bias among SIS professors from a week or so ago (which I CAN'T FIND in the Eagle archives).

Also... Josh Chafetz at OxBlog has a rant about Maureen Dowd's ridiculous column from today. A must read.


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