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Thursday, October 03, 2002

Blog Overload!: Here's all the stuff I've been meaning to post for two days and haven't.

On football: There are a number of good columns that come out in reaction to the previous NFL week. The quintessential column is Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback. In a perfect world, it would be read on Monday, which is why it's odd for me to note it in a blog on a Thursday. MMQB's meat is in the section "Ten Things I Think I Think", which always features the obligatory Montclair, N.J. high school field hockey reference. Trust me, it works a lot better than it sounds that it should. Follow up MMQB with Gregg Easterbrook's Tuesday Morning Quarterback, which is consistently the smartest, funniest colum I read all week. Example (pulled from Week 2 as so not to ruin the Week 4 experience for those who would venture there now):

    Worst failure to read TMQ: Last week, Tuesday Morning Quarterback explained how, if you're going to play-fake at the goal line, do it on first down, when the defense is thinking run, not on second down after they've stuffed a run and are thinking pass. Leading 17-14 in the third at St. Louis, Jersey/A had first and goal, ran, was stuffed, then play-faked unsuccessfully on second against a defense that was thinking pass. The drive ended in a field goal.

    Contrapositive proves the rule: Trailing 7-3 in the third, the Broncos had first and goal on the Niners 2. They play-faked on first down when the defense was thinking run, easy TD pass to Mike Anderson.

OK, so that part wasn't that funny. But it's quite interesting. Anyhoo, follow up MMQB and TMQ with Ralph Wiley's Weekly Uncensored NFL quotes. I won't lie, some of them suck. But Wiley's usually good for a couple of good lines, considering I loathe a good half of his columns.

Continuing on the sports humor theme, let me again plug Bill Simmons AKA The Sports Guy AKA Boston Sports Guy (BSG: as he will probably be referred as here a lot). Simmons has an interesting column from Tuesday on the UFC, which is, well, not his best stuff. For those looking for a BSG initiation, begin with the quintessential Simmons, Ewing Theory 101 As Tony Kornheiser would say, "Classic."

In other interesting web stuff, Jonah Goldberg debunks all of the liberal "stupid questions" here and here

I promise to have stuff on the Torricelli debacle and this ridiculous Johnnie Cochran threat of a lawsuit against the NFL if it doesn't create what a amounts to a quota system for minority hirings. But I'm sure you've overloaded by now.


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