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Friday, October 04, 2002

Post-Survivor Update: Well, I was wrong. Sook Jai blows two challenges: the first because Ted blocked like an offensive lineman and the morons on Sook Jai obviously didn't understand the "attack zone" concept and the second because Shii Ann, Jake and various others wanted to dump Jed. Yup, Jed, not Robb. (DOOD!) What an asshole. In one episode, DOOD chokes Clay (DQ'ed for not being in the attack zone, but not for CHOKING HIM), flips off Probst and Chuay Gahn, and various other asinine statements I can't remember at this point. He needs to go. NOW.
But first Ghandia needs to go. The whole fiasco at Chuay Gahn was entirely her fault by making a private matter public. Obviously, if she WAS thinking, she was thinking that if Chuay Gahn had to go to tribal council, she was making Ted a target. Well, THAT backfired. This woman should have gone before John and especially before Tanya (who was unfairly Camacho'ed). Since the Episode 4 title is Gender Bender, it looks like a Chuay Gahn male/female split on the vote. If it's a tie and they go to the purple rock again, well, who knows? But hopefully one of the girls (Helen?) will have some sense and vote the useless fat ass stumbling idiot Ghandia out.

Oh yeah, and I'm still convinced Brian wins. I don't know why, but I feel he does. Shii Ann second.


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