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Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Ridiculous item of the day: Johnnie Cochran threatens a class action lawsuit against the NFL if it doesn't change its policies when hiring head coaches.

"A resolution the group will present to the NFL: use draft picks as incentive for owners to interview a more diverse pool of candidates. Under that plan, teams would be granted extra draft picks or would forfeit picks based on hiring diversity."

What a joke. Somehow I doubt the NFL could even institute a system like this. What, have a list of "qualified" candidates for GMs to interview? Not feasible. And it's not like black coaches are completely getting the short end of the stick. Tony Dungy's Tampa Bay teams constantly underacheived in Tampa, he got fired, and then immediately hired by Indy. Ray Rhodes went 8-8 in his one season with Green Bay, but it's hard to suck with Brett Favre as the quarterback (1999, Rhodes's only year, was the worst record in Green Bay since 1992, the pre-Favre era). Something tells me we're going to be hearing more about this lawsuit than we should. Just a hunch.


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