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Monday, October 21, 2002

Someone explain this article to me. Please.: UC-Berkeley had a Panel about the Bali terror attack. Now, normally I have a vicious hatred for UC-Berkeley. A week doesn't go by before I read that something ridiculous has happened there. And this should have been this week's entry based on the opening paragraph.

The United States may have had an active role in carrying out last week's bombing of an international nightclub, members of a panel said at a campus round-table discussion Friday.

And yet, NOTHING in the article substantiates this opening claim. There's some blather about wanting an investigation before making judgements and Bush using Al-Qaeda as a bogeyman so he can attack Iraq, but an active role? I don't see it in the article. Maybe it was expressed during the panel, but then WRITE that!

Finally, the most shocking part of the article:

"The U.S. and Bali governments came out and definitively said that it was Al Qaeda," said ASUC Berkeley College Republicans Senator Paul LaFata. "You don't need a big group to pull something off."

Huh? Berkeley has College Republicans?


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