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Saturday, October 26, 2002

Taxes I can Support: ...we should make liberals pay for everything. Have an extra tax on books by Michael Moore and a subscription to The Nation. The great thing is that they shouldn't complain since they are supposed to like taxes.

For making me laugh upon complete review of their sites, Rachel Lucas and IMAO (Frank J.), welcome to the Blog Links! I especially like IMAO's
mission statement:

Hi, my name is Frank J., and, first off, no, I’m not serious. This site is meant for humor purposes, and, if you didn’t find any of it funny, I am sorry. I’m just some guy living in Florida who thinks way too much but finds it fun to just spout off every once in a while. In reality, though, I’m quite non-violent, listen to other people’s opinions, and respect all the world’s cultures… sans France. I just figured there were plenty other blogs already out there with unique and intelligent takes on current issues, so many in fact that there aren’t any good new opinions to make. So I decided to get my mileage out of unique, idiotic opinions, of which there are an infinite number.


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