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Monday, November 04, 2002

Take me home, Garden State Parkway?: Fun weekend up in my old stomping grounds of Northern New Jersey with the College Republicans stumping for Forrester and Garrett in Bergen County. Spent a good half of the weekend deflecting New Jersey jokes (Paramus became Pa-ra-moose and Paramisu) and the other half, well, doing stuff. The short form: Protest of Clinton-Lautenberg in Newark, Matalin-Hughes-Garrett rally in Paramus, phone banking in Paramus, lit dropping in River Edge, lit dropping in Mahwah. I'll go into some detail when I have the time. It'll probably be somewhere in that Cohen-Rocky Horror-Schundler piece I need to write. Maybe it'll all just be an Election Day sum up piece this weekend when I have some time.

And for more cannon fodder for the piece, CROSSFIRE! Me, tonight, College Libertarians. Should be more fun, even though I really should be working on this issues paper for Competition....oh, well, c'est la vie.


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