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Saturday, December 07, 2002

The New York Times: Bastion of Liberalism: No, they don't have an agenda. First, the Times refused to print columns defending Augusta's right to exclude women. This is specious in itself, but the reasoning is even more ridiculous.

"One of the columns focused centrally on disputing The Times's editorials about Augusta. Part of our strict separation between the news and editorial pages entails not attacking each other. Intramural quarreling of that kind is unseemly and self-absorbed,'' Boyd wrote.

Thank you, Mr. Boyd, for admitting that you at the Times and Martha Burk are the only ones interested in hammering away at this issue. Most of the public doesn't care. Polls show that even women back Augusta. This issue doesn't resonate with the public, and people are sick of it.

Fortunately, someone at the Times realized that the editorial issue was hurting their credibility (which is readily eroding), and the pro-Augusta columns will run Sunday. Nice coverup, Times.

UPDATE: Mickey Kaus does a much better job in chronicling the whole Augusta debacle, including more stupid statements from our friend Gerald Boyd.


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