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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

D.C. = Berkeley East: That might be a little harsh, but the story is just as bad. About 11:00, I head down to the Tenleytown metro stop for a meeting downtown concerning...well, it's none of your business.... Outside the stop on Wisconsin Avenue, I see a group of protesters on the corner, waving signs and getting motorists to honk their horns. Aware of the massive protests this weekend, I figure some have arrived early, shake my head at the misguided Idiotarians, and head downtown.

I get back around 1:15, look to the corner, and see that the protestors are gone. "Oh, well", I think. "I really would have enjoyed arguing with them a bit." Unfortunately, I spoke too soon, as they're heading around the corner near the Hollywood video. I say to the nearest person, "Damnit. I thought they left."
She responds, "I think they're Wilson High students."
"No way."

As if to answer me, a few with a sign reading "Wilson High Students Against the War". I've been proven wrong.

She looks at me and says, "They probably just wanted the day off of school."
I reply, "You know, they're idiots. If we wanted the oil, we'd just drop the sanctions and pay Saddam to keep pumping it!"
"I know, I don't know why they don't get it."

My mind skips a bit. In a sea of liberal Idiotarianism, I've found perhaps the one Anti-Idiotarian on the whole scene who agrees with me.

This makes me sick. It's something those Greens out in Berkeley would do. And have done! Something in me can't help but think that something's not kosher here, that the students are being used to push the teachers' agenda. As Misha would say, It's For the Children!™


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