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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Joe Millionaire: An Editing Analysis: All right, we're four weeks into this seven-week long journey. I'm going to assume that Week 5 is the cut from 3 to 2, Week 6 is the cut from 2 to 1, and after a week of speculation, Week 7 is "How will she react?" with the she known for more intense speculation. FOX knows that Week 7 is going to be the heavily-watched week, and therefore, will want rampant speculation up to that point. Otherwise, they're idiots (and given that it's FOX, that's possible).

That said, we've got 3 people left: Zora, Sarah, and Melissa M. Can we predict a pecking order based on what we've seen thus far? I've got to think that we can, assuming rational thinking by the editors. I'm looking mainly at story arcs. First, let us examine the premise given by FOX, that of a "fairy tale". It's alluded to CONSTANTLY, leading one to think that this idea is key to the plot. Indeed, we see that the idea of good versus evil, a common fairy tale line, is present, first in the character of Heidi, and then in Mojo. Both were presented pretty harshly. Most of the other eliminated contestants have been non-factors (when you eliminate 15 in 2 weeks, it's hard to catch any of them well in the editing, especially with a hyper-focus on editing Heidi as Lucifer). This leads us to our final three.

Sarah. A sleeper of the final five. Picked because "she's hot". Has since been seen getting some sort of sexual favor from Evan in the woods. If she were to win, it would be a non-descript ending. Therefore, I'm picking her to finish third.

Melissa M. Has been in the limelight from the beginning. Featured prominently in the promos pre-show (the wink), and in the show's intro. In the beginning, she was edited very positively, the cute antithesis to Heidi and Mojo. Yet, as the show has progressed, her editing has become more negative, as she is seen as high-maintainence (struggle with grapes and cooking), stupid (the mercenary comment), and extremely catty, as in the smoking scenes where she talks trash about the others with Sarah. Verdict: second.

Leading us to our surprise heroine. Zora. She's been constantly edited as the underdog, from her difficulties in getting a gown for the first impressions in week 1, to the "tangerine in my teeth" crack, to being under the radar for the cut from 12 to 5, to her screw up and probable elimination in the 5 to 4 cut...and she survives...and then she still doesn't look comfortable with Evan. Until...

We reach the most blatantly edited scene in TV history. At this point, the fairy tale paradigm becomes obvious. Zora is seen, surrounded by happy twittering animals. Evan is barely in this scene. Zora says it was like a Disney movie (a FAIRY TALE!). Meanwhile, Sarah and Melissa are seen back at the chateau cracking jokes, smoking, and looking sinister. Zora = Cinderella. Sarah and Melissa = evil stepsisters. Therefore, Zora must win to fulfill the fairy tale ending.

But there's a twist...does the princess stay with the prince when it's revealed that he's just a frog? If she stays with the frog, is he really a prince? I know I'll be watching.


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