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Monday, January 13, 2003

Wow! Real news! AU Blogger Phil Kahn has actually submitted himself to actually READING Michael Moore's latest "Mike's Message", aka pile of flaming poo (See also: The "Payback Tuesday" incident -- you need to scroll down because permalinking only brings up one post and there's a set of three).

The part that makes me sickest is the way that this teacher is using her power to shape her students' minds with the gross lies of Michael Moore (see also: I'm also shocked that none of her students questioned any of Moore's slanderous lies (even the easy ones!). My "favorite part":

They were especially impressed with the Marilyn Manson interview and were surprised at his eloquence and intelligence. As one student said, 'I guess you really can't tell what a person is like just by appearances.' And that is a mouthful for a high school kid!

Funny. I learned "Don't judge a book by its cover by age 10." Bunch of 'tards.


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