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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Finally Saw Episode One of Amazon: ...and as opposed to last season, I'm probably going to do recaps of some sort, just pointing out general stuff I saw. Since I'm in class while Survivor's on, I won't have a chance to post a recap until, at the earliest, late Thursday night, after midnight, and at the latest, well, around Sunday night.

Today's recap format, running commentary!:

OK, fine, I knew Ryan was going based on spoilers. He was missing from Episode 2 vidcaps. Oddity: after 3 seasons, the first gone count was 3 women, 0 men -- now it's 3 women, 3 men.

Rob has leaped to the top of the Survivor Rob pantheon, leaping over Robert "The General" Decanio, Robb "DUDE!" Zbacnik, and "Boston" Rob aka the Robfather, Rob Mariano. Comedy and weaselness (the good kind, not the Franco-German kind) all mixed into one. Some of his gems: "camp of the Vagina Monologues", "That girl, Heidi, is so hot, she could put Viagra out of business", "[the women] are building cellphones to call their boyfriends", the whole Magic 8-Ball scene, and the whole ragging on Dave's honesty confessional. Rob, you rock!

Jenna boils some underwear in the tribe water. Right from the "B.B. Anderson Book of Survivor Etiquette". Ye gods!

Between Christy's deaf issue (and the massive focus on it) and the battle of the sexes motif, Survivor: Amazon might better be known as Survivor: Politically Correct.

Jeanne wastes valuable massage oil on cooking. That massage oil could be used by Jenna, Heidi, and Shawna! For the record, thank you CBS editors for those gratuitous sexy shots of those three while the men were fantasizing about them.

Probst is still snarky. That'll be quality TV.


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