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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Gratuitous Self-Love: I've done a massive jump in hits since Monday, led by the great Joe Millionaire Google rush of '03, with 236 hits on Monday, another 194 on Tuesday, and 78 today. I've been noticing some interspersed Mole googles (for the record, I was, like Stephen Baldwin, VERY, VERY wrong -- I suppose I should put a mild spoiler alert here...don't read my predictions below if you don't want to know!). And maybe I can get some sort of legit traffic from the fresh links from Silflay Hraka, who I've helped by posting a link to his site every time I see an uncredited version of Hoist By Their Own Petain, aka The Military History of France. Now the only problem is that I need some original content to get the new visitors to keep coming back. Besides Survivor predictions, that is.


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