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Monday, February 17, 2003

I'm going to assume I got this email for a reason...: I mean, if you wanted it posted on a website, don't send it to me! Go for Glenn or maybe Rachel.

I found it kinda funny though, so here it is in full. The author is Arthur L. Glasgow.

The French they are a funny race
Fight with their feet fuck with their face
Now if the Frenchman is your friend
Your woes and troubles never end
But if the Frenchman is your foe
You're aces up and good to go

The French they are a funny group
Could not defeat TV's F Troop
If only they don't go to war
But brag and swagger is their game
And paper tigers all they tame

The French they cannot face the truth
They're military jokes insooth
The girl scouts without any strain
Could send them howling off in pain
So go your way with Gallic pride
And knowing that you are inside

An empty shell pathetic dupes
not Chanticlers but cock-a-hoops

Question: Is it only coincidence that
Gallic refers to the French,
and Gallinacae refers to
chickens, hmmmm............


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