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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Joe Millionaire, an Editing Debacle, or, Why is Sarah Still Here?: Yes, the title form is Rocky-and-Bullwinkle-esque. That's the point. For the origins of this point, I threw it up on Sucks on Monday night (meaning that if you go there, you'll obviously be able to figure out my username). It's been edited slightly.

As much as this show interests me, FOX royally screwed up on this editing job. Right now, we've got a final two of Sarah and Zora. And yet, one could argue that these two women rank only 4th and 5th (or possibly lower) in prominence to the show. The first two episodes were the Heidi show, showing her as the total conniving bitch. After Heidi's elimination in week 2, MoJo went from secondary bitch to primary bitch, and did a damn good job of it. And then left in week 4. From the opening seconds, Melissa M. was edited as the antithesis to Heidi and then MoJo. No, seriously, watch the opening credits. She's in about half the clips. I don't think this is an exagerration. As the show progressed, Melissa was shown as dumber ("mercenary") and not as sweet as she first seemed, but the editing at least seemed to be leading her as a story arc from beginning to end. And then, boom, she's gone. Even a case could be made for Dana, who had some sort of intense focus, especially as a can't-miss pick of the final five, who eventually missed. It's not as strong as the Heidi, MoJo, and Melissa M. cases, but it can be made.

Zora's editing I really can't fault. She had a bit appearance in week 1, as the woman without a dress (in the background of Heidi), followed by the "tangerine in my teeth" comment. Week 2, another bit part, the manure raking. A bit of a surprise for the final five. She's been constantly built up as the underdog, mysterious yet intriguing to Evan. The blatant fairy tale princess editing in week 4, which was less obvious but still present this week, makes her the favorite to win. That is, if winning is actually winning.

But why Sarah? Have we been made to care one way or the other about Sarah? She's NOT in the opening credits. Weeks 1 and 2, she was practically invisible (I can't even tell you for sure what group she was in in week 2 -- I want to say the grape pickers, but it's a guess). When she was picked for the final five, I said "Who?" Even Evan admitted that it was simply for her hotness. Still under the radar in week 3; I don't remember that date at all. Week 4, she comes to the forefront...for giving Evan a BJ. Then, the Smoking Gun pictures (IMO, a deliberate leak, although I thought it would be to capture Sarah's last week of action). Then Week 5, more sex. And giant tits (although, that's essentially all the girls...thank you, FOX!). And that's it. She's one of the smoking sisters (with Melissa M.), and has been pretty catty, but I don't have a general feel about her, except that she probably should have gone episodes ago.

If Sarah is chosen by Evan over Zora, she show will be a failure because of its editing. It'll be like Vecepia winning Survivor 4 (Who? Wha? How did THAT happen?). Vee's win ruined a perfectly good season (well, for everyone but me, since I essentially hated anyone with more than five minutes of face time on Marquesas). I don't care enough about Sarah, I don't hate her enough to REALLY want her to be exposed as a gold-digging bitch (even though that's the general premise, and it would still be funny enough), but don't like her enough to feel sorry about her duping. Melissa M. invoked those feelings one way or the other. As did MoJo. And Heidi. Sarah doesn't, and that's why I question FOX's editing job in putting together such a shoddy picture of a final two contestant.


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