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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Joe Millionaire: The Fallout: Let me say first, I'm happy for Evan and Zora. They did deserve to be with other, as they were kindred spirits. So, I'm not blaming any of my anger towards this ending on them.

The blame is 100% FOX's. That was the most BLATANT editing job ever. It was so blatant, I figured it out last month. As if that wasn't enough, in the "Secrets" show, they pumped the editing up to another level, showing the giant "fairytale" montage (what was that, 30 times they said it?), Sarah in the fast car, looking all moneyed and sluttish (and of course, the foot fetish -- sidenote: what was with the "simulated images"? They were too cheap to pay for the Smoking Gun pictures or the IFilm video?). And then Zora. Old people. Little kids. The mayor. Old house. And the final shot, Zora...holding a white kitten...with a floral border. And 57% of the people they polled still thought Evan was going to pick Sarah. Morons (Yes, I know, they couldn't see the "Secrets" show, but it was still there last month!).
And then there was the "shocking twist". Right out of the Mark Burnett school of false advertising. The whole appeal of the show has been to watch the gold-diggers get theirs, and later, shifting to shafting Evan too. Call me cruel, but this show promised cruelty, and I WANTED CRUELTY. Audience cruelty, preferably, as I still thought the whole thing was fake (Note: I still think the whole thing is scripted, and the audience will find that out next week). Instead, they pull out the most obvious twist ever, something thought of weeks ago, and discarded because it wasn't cruel enough. Obvious, there was an element of cruelty possible, because I'd assume if Zora rejected Evan, the whole million would go to Evan. Still, I would have preferred some sort of Monty Hall-esque offer, as per "Evan...or $1 million?" -- before Zora chose to stay with Evan. The twist was sweet, and heartwarming. NOT SHOCKING.

As to not end this on a negative note, let me say that the Evan/Zora choice scene was pretty good drama. Since I was absolutely convinced of my editing theory, and my roommate favored Sarah (namely for the big tits), I was watching my position go right down the drain...part of my brain still was thinking that this was a clever buildup to choosing Zora, but otherwise I figured he'd gone for Sarah. And then...vindicated! So for those 5 minutes of 2 hours, nice job by FOX. That and the evil stepsisters scene where they bust on Evan, with more wonderful captions.

But, yes, I will be watching Joe Millionaire: The Aftermath. Mainly, so that I can be vindicated again when they say the whole show was scripted for the happy ending. At least, I hope that's what they say.


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