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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

New Blog on the Side: Thanks to N.Z. Bear for pointing me to Aurora Leigh. Inspired by PBS's Media Matters on blogs, she gets rolling with this whopper of a post, which I'm going to excerpt, but y'all go read the rest.

Now can I tell you why I started this blog? It's the goddamn libertarians.

I don't want to sound prejudiced, because I like the libertarians. Hell, some of my best friends are libertarians. But they're really starting to get on my nerves because what they say about the war is so goddamn dumb.

What the left says is dumb, too, but I expect that from them on foreign policy, just like I expect Rush Limbaugh to wake up every morning, shove his foot into his mouth down clear to his lower intestine, and go off to work. They haven't had a new idea on foreign policy since Woodrow Wilson, so expecting them to say something intelligent is like expecting your grandmother to learn the Macarena. It's just not in them. The libertarians, on the other hand, say generally perceptive things about the economy, and they don't generally expect the government to make all their dreams come true, so I'm a little surprised when they turn around and tell me that we should conduct our foreign policy based on some fantasy world they live in where the only important driver of foreign relations is Ricardo's Theory of Comparative Advantage.

If I ever get a reader, and they happen to be a libertarian who opposes military action in Iraq because they think that the best thing for everyone would be for the United States to retreat behind its borders and make a credible committment to only staging military action in response to a direct attack on US soil, could you tell me what is it about y'all? Do you get better drugs than the rest of us, or what?


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