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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Random Quick Hits: Yes, that episode of Joe Millionaire pissed me off. I knew it was going to be a cliffhanger (despite what the post below soon as I saw they were seriously stalling, I knew they'd go for both parts cliffhanger and not just the "Will she accept him?" part). Seriously, Alex's walk up to them in the lawn was more face time for her than she had IN THE REST OF THE SHOW! S T R E T C H. And two hours next week? This "twist" better be worth it. Speaking of the twist, I may go into that in a little more detail later in the week when I have a firmer grasp of what I think it is. Right now, tons of possibilities are swimming in my mind. The Next Generation. No, I really like the redesign. Some of the links are broken and the message board is still chaotic. I think they should use that message board that was linked to the professor ratings. EZBoard may be a mess, and you obviously can't have total accountablity with a zillion ghostnics, but at least it would have threads instead of a random list.

Goldberg: The Next Generation: Hey, I'm simply lifting the title. Found via OxBlog, but I probably would have found it myself had I checked the Corner.

NationStates is an addicting game. Thanks to The Answer Guy for turning me on to this. Of course, he also runs the also-addicting Jukebox From Hell.

Campus Advertising! Tomorrow (2/12) is the Rally for the Arctic Refuge down at Columbus Circle at 3 pm, marching past the Russell Senate Building at 3:30. This is a bad segue to a piece via The InstaMan from Sofia Sideshow on the usefulness of idiotarianism.

More Campus Advertising! The French Embassy protest is on 2/13. Press release here. Related op-ed here.

And to finish out the piece, here's a cross-blog debate being hosted at Truth Laid Bear and Stand Down. I'm not going to participate, but I'm going to be watching to see what kind of answers come from it.


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