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Sunday, February 09, 2003

Reality Roundup II: Time to walk the walk and make some predictions.

Joe Millionaire: Episode tomorrow (2/10) with a probable cliffhanger, although I'd assume Joe picks his girl. 2/17 is the shocker that Evan's worth 19k, and 2/24 appears to be slated for a reunion show. I'm kind of torn on what happens. Let's play with a hunch that's circulating the web lately. Evan picks Zora over Sarah tomorrow. Evan tells Zora he's not really rich on 2/17. She reveals that she knew that (he's slipped up numerous times, according to this thread). The reunion show? Not sure how it fits in.

Celebrity Mole: It's all done except for the reveal on Wednesday. Unlike Mole 2, where it was dreadfully obvious that the Mole was Bill (but I managed to picked Heather to win over Dorothy...WRONG!), there's no clear answers here. Based on the preview, it appears that Erik either wins, or is the mole. And seeing that he's won a buttload of money, I doubt the latter. So Erik wins. So is the Mole Kathy or Frederique? It could be either. I'm picking Kathy for two reasons: 1) the odd splicing of footage where she'd cleaned up with straight hair (after the fact footage? Erik has a clip or two like this too. But it could just be they were forced to replace footage lost in the studio fire), 2) the fact that's she funny and ABC execs figured the show would be a dud if she left early, and 3) she's a reality junkie. Not a solid case, but there's enough circumstantial evidence to make it hold.

Survivor: Amazon: Starts Thursday with a 90-minute episode. The tribes are men vs. women for now, but I'm guessing that holds for two episodes, tops. It's a giant red herring. There'll be a twist of some sorts early, maybe a move to put 'em both on one beach even sooner than Thailand's "merge" (Probst: "You said merge. I certainly didn't say anything to give you that impression, did I?" Probst being a snarky asshole was the best part of the last edition. But I digress.). Now to pick a winner. I'm going to use two key indicators. First is the gender pattern. I know it's random, I know the same-sex tribes could throw in a kink, but I'm going to stick with it. The second is the prime-age factor. The youngest winner of Survivor is Ethan at 27, the oldest: Tina at 40. This worked for me in S5, Brian: 34 year-old male, fit both patterns. It failed in S4: I went with Zoe, 35 year-old female. She fit. But the winner fit the pattern, in 36 year-old female Vee. So I'm sticking with it until it fails miserably. Leading us to the S6 cast. We need a prime-age female. Which doesn't leave us with much. Toss out Shawna, Heidi, Christy, and Jenna for youth. Janet's gone for age (but I'll keep the 41-year old Jeanne). JoAnna's gone because, quite frankly, she's a Vee clone, and people will watch for those (especially since Vee will have been the last winner these players have seen). Deena's a judge, like Paschal, and he finished fourth. That's just a hunch. Leaving us with Jeanne Hebert. Getting Helen vibes. While TDT thinks she might be the fourth boot, I'm thinking the spoiler might refer to Shawna, especially considering the other pre-jury boot info on her. Once again, I'm playing with hunches here. Heck, I'll take it one step further. Believing ChillOne's spoiler...FINAL FOUR: Christy, Roger, Rob, Jeanne. Eliminated in that order.

And just put here so I don't forget to add the link, and for quality recaps: Reality News Online


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