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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Anti-war update II: Grabbed a quarter-sheet at 1:30 from the elevator and then two taped to vending machines at about 7:15. Big header: AU AGAINST THE WAR. And it hjas a list of what's going on. I'm quoting now.

1. RALLY ON THE QUAD. 5pm the day the bombing starts...
2. No Business as Usual -- instead of attending class the two days after the bombing starts, participate in the alternative programs on campus -- more info to come.
3. If you choose to attend class, TAKE A STAND, remain standing throughout class to express your dissent.
4. Wear a black armband daily to show solidarity.
5. Put a sign expressing your opposition to the war in your window or on your door.
6. Attend...Teach-in on the Iraq War...
7. Wear pins or tee shirts that reflect your opinions.
8. Attend weekly peace vigils -- Wednesday nights
9. Write an editorial....
10. Sign up to receive more information about campus activities... (e-mail address here, I'm not putting it in!)

#3 and #4 are just stupid. I'll try to have pictures of those, plus the peace vigils (if it's appropriate and chaotic). Don't know what #2 is about. #1, I'll definitely have pictures, as the stupid signs should be abundant. #5's been happening. The rest are inconsequential. Still, it helps to know what I'm looking for.


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