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Friday, March 07, 2003

Hellhole of Idiotarianism, Part II: I've always felt that one of my talents is the ability to convince people that I believe whatever they want to hear. Unlike other people who always defend their views without any hedging, I always come off more wishy-washy. Example: Waiting for the bus back from Hardball, I discuss the show with a random person and she asks, "What did you think about what they said? I tend to think (Senator Dianne) Feinstein is right." Instead of responding belligerently, I say, "Well, actually, I lean a little more towards (Senator Rick) Santorum, but Feinstein brought up some good points. I don't want to go to war, but I fear it might be necessary." This approach has two advantages: 1) You don't alienate people, so you're less apt to have a wider spectrum of ideological friends, leading to 2) They trust you with information they might not tell a more belligerent student.
Where the hell are am I going with this? Last night, I had my America Between the Wars: 1919-1941 class. Interesting class, and the professor has so many facts and newspaper articles that it's a critical mass. However, he's also a raging lefty and his bias has a tendency to seep through. And he also has a nasty habit of telling pre-9/11 GWB jokes, especially in the context of the Harding and Coolidge presidencies, or the causes of the Great Depression (the last class). I just put the BS filter up and note anything he says that I think is way off-base.
As you might expect, said professor is against the Iraq war. He said he had been downtown meeting with Helen Thomas (at this point, I roll my eyes. Thomas was here at AU, belligerently saying that Bush was the worst president ever and that the war in Iraq would doom us all). Then comes the information. First off, during the two-day walk out on the Iraq war, some professors are canceling class and organizing a teach-in in one of our larger buildings. That's a shock. Also, he's supporting a UN resolution to call any use of nuclear weapons a crime against humanity in an attempt to "pre-empt the Bush administration policy" (Question, not by me: What about if other countries, i.e. Iraq or North Korea use them? Does it apply to them too. This follows by a rant about the Bush policy, not answering the question at all. Eh heh.) And war veterans are coming to AU for a teach-in against the war. At the end of this announcement, he says in a seemingly joking manner "Any other rallies? Pro-war? I'm equal opportunity!" I don't have anything, and besides I'd just rather shut up and take it all in.
Note: If/when this teach-in happens, chaos is sure to ensue. I'll be reporting live, possibly with pictures.


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