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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Quick hits: I started a paper and pen journal last week. Sounds kind of redundant, but I'm hoping to use it as a place to put down personal thoughts I don't feel comfortable posting on the web, and as a springboard for longer blog essays. I'll always denote the adapted journal entries with a title like: "Journal: 1/1/03"

I stopped watching Survivor. With a Thursday class, I don't have a chance to catch it anymore, and it was almost brand name loyalty rather than a want to watch it. It hasn't been good since Outback, which, coincedentally or not, was the last pre-9/11 Survivor. Might come back for S7, don't know yet.

I'm anxiously nervous about campus chaos the next couple of days. Yesterday, signs were up for an emergency anti-war meeting in the Kay Lounge to be held tonight. Now, the latest ANSWER protest signs are up (White House, noon to 5, Wednesday). I've heard everything from teach-ins to attempts to block traffic at Ward Circle. I've got a camera at the ready, and if it's chaotic enough, I'll be putting in a report right here.

To finish, I might as well plug the DPA. The opening of the Greenberg Theatre, "Curtain Up!", on 3/27, 3/28, and 3/29. I believe all of those are 8 PM. Should be a nice distraction at the very least.


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