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Sunday, April 06, 2003

An AU rant: I don't do these often, because quite frankly, I don't think many people who read this site care. So if you don't care, skip this post.

On Artemas Ward: Arte-wha? Precisely. After last year's lovely Really Big Event on the Quad Except Not on The Quad (chance of rain scared it into Bender Arena, except that there wasn't a cloud in the sky....and they forgot to tell everyone that they moved it) that no one knew about and had bands I've never heard of, now we get random "72" advertising, a mock on 24. It's got dates 4-11 to 4-14. It's Artemas Ward, but they're not telling anyone. This is the same wonderful "mystery" advertising that led to an overhyped band being...The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, another sparsely attended SC event. Let's say I don't have high hopes, and even if I did, I'm doing the 9th that weekend (SHAMELESS PLUG: Beethoven's 9th Symphony, Student Preview night Wednesday! Concerts Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon! At the brand-new Greenberg Theatre!).

On "Screech": I missed it. It apparently sucked. He cursed out everyone, wasn't funny, and was all about the money, and wasn't "Screech" (part of the problem was the somewhat-misleading advertising by the Eagle Nights crew, who sold it as Screech, not Dustin Diamond). Sure a lot of people showed up, but what good is that if they're turned off and don't come back for other stuff? You can read the review here and the Eagle review here.

On the latest SC debacle: Haley Stevens is stepping down as SC President. Nick Terzulli's going to take her place, putting a fitting touch to the joke of an election two weeks ago, which featured one contested race, a Comptroller race that was contested, but then wasn't, everyone and their mother running a write-in campaign for SC VP, and a credit waiver and GA approval necessary to get a Secretary. 454 people eventually voted in the runoff to decide the SC presidency. This on top of a year which saw the near-impeachment and resignation of a VP, at least 6 to 8 GA members resigning for one reason or another, and student apathy with the SC running wild. That said, Shane Mayer's thoughts on the matter are idiotic, and incredibly contrary to what this incident should show. In comparing the AU SC to the federal government, he's made a stretch that makes no sense whatsoever. The federal government doesn't exist with a more powerful entity hovering over it (although I'm sure liberals would like the UN to take that role), and the fact that Haley took an opportunity that I'm glad she got doesn't undermine democracy (and for the record, we living in a constitutional republic, NOT a democracy, for the billionth time). What is should say is "STOP TAKING YOURSELVES SO FUCKING SERIOUSLY." You've got about $150 from each student, about $700,000 in total. And in the end, most of the SC's work comes down to partisan bickering and GA contrarian tendencies. Hell, the SC couldn't even sell a constitution because it didn't try. A few "BAD FOR FRESHMEN, BAD FOR NORTH SIDE" signs, and it was dead by a 2-to-1 margin.

The SC is incredibly incompetent, and it doesn't show any signs of getting better. One can always hope.


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