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Thursday, May 01, 2003

I'm ba-ack!: Finally. Finals are winding down and I'll be back in lovely New Jersey in less than a week. Perfect time to get back into a ranting mood.

Today's link: Mean Mr. Mustard. No real good reason, but there's good good stuff up there.

Today's commentary is at Libertarian Samizdata: Interesting piece on how the Democrats want to bring libertarians into the fold. Even though the comments are a little messy, thery're interesting, too. A nice discussion on the merits of the LP versus libertarian GOPers. I'm somewhere in the middle, leaning towards the latter. The national security issue bugs me too much to go full-on LP, yet I'm still wary of the statist tendencies of Bush and the religious right. I suppose my one commentary on the LP is that they become a debating society more often than a political party, in that they spend too much time on the big picture of the message and not enough time WINNING ELECTIONS. Also, it's kinda hard to take a party seriously when they run a druid for governor and a blue man for Senate. Use Cato and other intellectuals to create the message (even if it's broad libertarianism in just discussing today's policy issues on a small scale and not larger reductions in government). I'd describe myself as a pragmatic libertarian idealist, in that I'm not 100% sure full-blown libertarianism wouldn't lead to chaos (see also: the Articles of Confederation), but there's gotta be a happy medium (and I'm not sure Radley's Liberty Meter accurately catches my definition of happy medium).


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