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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Post #5 this month, yes I'm lazy: Happy Tuesday. For the record, this is attempt #2 at this posting. Attempt #1 resulted in a computer crash. So wish me luck.

Buffy ends tonight. I'll miss it, even though I was only an avid watcher for two seasons (4 and 5 -- didn't catch on for the first 3, and I'm at chorus Tuesday nights in college). Jonathan Last argues that Buffy is the best show ever. I think he's exaggerating a bit. Of course, this is the guy who argued IN FAVOR of the Star Wars empire over the rebels.

Fact of the day which may interest only me: Renee Zellweger's character in Down With Love is named Barbara Novak. Yes, this ruins the movie for me, and if you don't get why, let it slide.

Two news stories: On the bad side, obivously inspired by Nurse Bloomberg, New Jersey is trying to push The Clean Indoor Air Act. Yup, more anti-smoking bans. Now, I'm not a big fan of smoking. But I'm not in favor of draconian anti-smoking laws. Government shouldn't even have that kind of power. If a mall or a bar wants to ban smoking, fine. But don't do it on a governmental level. The Big Tobacco lawsuits are going to have a large fallout, with the Big Food lawsuits and the smoking bans.

But there is good news from the People's Republic of New Jersey! They're firing Amiri Baraka! Baraka is the infamous poet laurate criticized for his anti-Semitic poems after 9-11. Of course, why a state NEEDS a poet laureate I don't know. Good riddance.

And finish with a link. Bill Whittle has another essay. I haven't read it yet, but sit down with a cold drink (because it takes a while) and take it in.


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