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Friday, June 13, 2003

I do have stuff in the pipeline: It's churning in my head. I get need to get off my lazy butt and refine it into coherent paragraphs. If I do throw up a Whittle-style essay (which for me would be four paragraphs on a serious topic...or not, seeing as American Idol is one of the things in the pipeline), it'll be its own post.

But I had to comment on this. Apparently USA Today is looking for blonde Harvand Law alumna to see Legally Blonde 2 and comment on how real the situation of the movie is. Maybe they oughta ask Heather and Eve from Amazing Race 3. The other teams only CALLED them "Legally Blonde" (except for Ken and Gerard, who went for the less catchy "Legal Eagles". And the message boards: the lovely "Heave". But I digress.) Because they are quite intelligent: but that not intelligent. WALK DOES NOT MEAN TAKE A TAXI!!!!!!!!!!! Legally blonde, indeed.

This has been today's reality reference. Thank you and good night.


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