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Friday, June 20, 2003

On the bookshelf: Might as well note a few things I'm reading.

Finished Melanie Rawn's The Mageborn Traitor, the second book in the Exiles series. #3 isn't out yet, so, this means that, amazingly, in 6 short years of reading Rawn (Dragon Prince trilogy + Dragon Star trilogy + Exiles first two of three), I've caught up to her (there's been a few other books, but I'm taking a break)...a shocker since the copyright date on Dragon Prince is 1985! If I want my Rawn fix, I'll go back and reread the Dragon Prince series, since odds are I missed some stuff in there (either that, or Rawn's writing has gotten much better, as Exiles felt more tightly wound and more risque, of course, I was 14 when I started reading her).

Then, I polished off Moneyball. Michael's Lewis's tour through sabermetrics vis-a-vis the 2002 Oakland A's is such an interesting book. Billy Beane's an interesting guy, and his self-loathing attitude makes the system work, despite the budget. People have said (and I can't find the quote, so there's a purpose for the non-link) that this is the most important baseball book of the last decade, and fans will need to understand the concepts to realize the new direction that baseball is moving in. I know myself that I've watched baseball differently since reading it.

In the pipe, hopefully: Potter (duh), Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations, Fareed Zakaria's The Future of Freedom, and Diane Ravitch's The Language Police.


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