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Monday, June 02, 2003

Reality Blather: The Amazing Race is the second best reality show on television (The Mole is #1, and I'm not arguing about this. I will discuss that and my bizarre man-crush on Anderson Cooper in another post though, if the ABC programming monkeys ever pull their heads out of their butts and put another season of Mole on. Have you people SEEN the news fall shows? It's like they put partial ideas in a hat and randomly mixed and matched them. But I digress). One reason is that for the most part, it doesn't rely on social politics. You succeed or fail on your own, essentially (there are exceptions, and Mole is better in this category. But Mole is better in every category. I'm rambling again). Plus Phil Keoghan, the host, is pretty cool, considering that he has the easiest job in television. Stand in a place, let everyone go off, go to detours and roadblocks, do voiceovers, go to pit stop, eliminate team. Repeat. No whiny idiots to deal with, although he doesn't get as much interaction in the cool stuff (Take a wild guess. Mole. Anderson Cooper gets to taunt the players! Probst has gotten snarky as of late too; you can tell he's annoyed by the facts that most Survivors are blatantly idiotic). CBS's official site is here. Reality News Online is down while I type, but TwoP's recap is up. WARNING: It's 28 pages. I haven't read it yet (I will after I post this), but I'm sure it'll be hilariously biting. RNO's will be a little more straight. If you want the basic recap, go to CBS. Most reality sites tend to be snarky, because if you watch enough of this stuff, you get cynical (Digression: VH1's 25 Greatest Rock Star Cameos had interviews with Jump The Shark and TwoP people. This excites me because I'm weird).

End with a link: FARK. Not dirty (although they link to that), just regular and weird news.


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