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Thursday, August 28, 2003

AU blogging, part 2: The Post had an article on AU and the RIAA’s fight against file sharers. I think the solution is going to be adaptation by the industry. BuyMusic, iTunes, and others are a start, especially with the spyware and unreliability of some of the free programs. However, the RIAA (and the MPAA)’s tone are a turnoff to college students. Telling a kid no is the best way to make him do something.

The Princeton Review names AU one of the best colleges in the Mid-Atlantic. In addition, AU is rated 15th in Their Students (Almost) Never Study, 12th in Most Politically Active (ahead of G-town at #18, but behind GW at #3. Yes, I’m shocked that GW is #3, too. AU should be higher than places like friggin’ Grinnell.), and 6th in Best College Towns (G-town 3rd, GW 10th. And yes, that methodology puzzles me to no end. The campus thing counts, I guess). I also enjoyed the “Students Say” segment, especially the part on the AU administration.

Students generally dislike the administration, perceiving it as “much more concerned with the outward appearance of the school” than with current students’ concerns. Some are willing to concede, however, “Although our president rules the school like a banana republic, he has brought about much-needed improvements in the community.”

However, it’s the US News rankings that are getting the most buzz. Instead of ranking the top 50 schools, and alphabetizing Tier 2 schools as in the past (AU’s been Tier 2). Now they rank the top half of Doctoral Universities, 123 in all. AU’s #99. Is that an improvement? No one knows. All we know is that the lack of endowment and alumni giving KILLS AU’s rating.

And since has it up again, I can report that George Pataki is the Parents’ Weekend speaker. Kudos to KPU on that.


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