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Sunday, August 03, 2003

Baseball-blogging for dummies: A few notes first. Cable modem's here, and I'm flying. That tends to help. So here goes.

Baseball blogs are fueled mainly by one thing -- the sabermetric revolution in baseball. Yup, I'm taking about Moneyball again. The book that brought the stat geeks to light. And where did they find a place to express themselves? The blogosphere, of course.

For InstaPundit-like linking to essentially every blog in the baseball-blogiverse (with pithy commentary and a running attendance track to boot!), the place to start is David Pinto's Baseball Musings. David's got credibility, having worked for ESPN and STATS, Inc. One of the more "bloggy" of the baseball-blog sites.

If Baseball Musings is Instapundit, then the Den Beste of baseball-bloggers is Minnesota-based Aaron Gleeman of Aaron's Baseball Blog (see also below). Known for "Gleeman-length" entries of thousands of words (a lot for baseball, but not much for Den Beste, and certainly nothing to Bill Whittle!), his daily insights are what a lot of people say they read first and foremost. WARNING: has an obsession with Johan Santana.

Unlike news blogs, which can sometimes be hard to classify under left/right/libertarian, etc. labels, baseball blogs usually have a nice way to fit into their cranny of the blogosphere. I'm talking, of course, about teams. 30 teams. And each blog usually has a heavy emphasis on the blogger's favorite. Some of my favorite team-specific blogs are Elephants in Oakland, Twins Geek, USS Mariner, and Bronx Banter, to name a few.

There are plenty of sites that do a good job aggregating the baseball-blogging world, but the best is Baseball News Blog. I'd say it's like, but it's really more like a daily Carnival of the Vanities. They're off until August 25th, but they've got the most comprehensive links section around.

Now for the pot, kettle, black segment. Namely, I'd like to note that a significant number of baseball blogs are still on blogspot. People are moving slowly, but surely, as a lot of news-blogs (IMAO, Misha, for two) did last year. Baseball Nerds is offering hosting, a la a Blogmosis. I predict that within the next six months or so, most of the major blogs will be on Movable Type. Just seems inevitable.

If you want your baseball spiced with other news, two sites are really good. Baseball Crank and Eric McErlain's Off Wing Opinion. Eric does an especially good job of chronicling the DC baseball saga. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention my Mets-blogging brother Jeremy Heit somewhere in this piece, and now seems like a good place to stick it in. Just kidding. He's doing quality work over there and establishing a real niche.

Finally, I'll close with the "Big Media" of baseball. Baseball Primer, Baseball Prospectus, and Rob Neyer on ESPN are daily visits for me. They're still doing some of the best baseball analysis available.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


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