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Friday, August 01, 2003

Breaking my promises: No baseball today. And it was supposed to be yesterday anyway. It happens. Nothing of significance today either, except this link to a discussion at Megan McCardle's blog (and yes, I should be linking her more often) on the idea of a terrorism futures market. I'm not going to pretend that I know anything about futures markets, but I'll just say that my initial reaction was disgust, but reading a few opinions, it seems to be a plan that might have been workable, if some nasty details (insider trading by terrorists? misdirection?) were worked out. Instead, it's been killed because it's "politically incorrect". This, of course, follows the Total Information Awareness debacle by DARPA. In the end result, I'm against both systems, because the potential for abuse appears to be too high, but think they should have been given a chance to be experimented with, and maybe, sold in more detail. One DARPA problem is gone, though, with the resignation of conterovertial head John Pointdexter. Maybe this will help DARPA's credibility the next time they present an outside-the-box solution.

Look for either a blogging increase or decrease this weekend. Increase: new cable modem. Decrease: installing the modem, work, etc.


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