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Friday, August 29, 2003

Links of the Day:

NRO's Peter Wood deconstructs Homestar Runner. This is entirely too complex given the nature of Homestar Runner, but read it anyway.

Frank's World: The Rumsfeld Stranger vs. Cyber-Lenin. Don't ask, just read. (The link is to part III, parts I and II are linked at the top.)

And finally, AIM quote stealing (from my friend Mike):

Anybody ever seen Raiders of the Lost Ark? you see the bit where that Arab guy is coming towards Indiana with those two swords, swishing em about like hes "the man", like hes "badass", oh yes hes gonna splice him into little tiny weeny pieces and sell his organs on the black market hes thinking.

What does Indiana do? He pulls out his pistol and fires one shot at the guy. Dead.

And thats why guns beat swords.


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