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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Quick hits from Clifton: This should be the last post before I head out towards DC, where my computing power will be in laptop form. Yay! Expect a pick up in the pace next week, as I've got book and movie reviews up the wazoo to share!

Meanwhile, let's talk blackout. This editorial by Greg Palast shows a lot of corruption in the power industry, most of it by Enron, and attempts to damn the whole system of deregulation. I'm not so sure if this is a fair assessment, as it appears to be criminals in executive positions, in which responsible individuals would have acted in proper manners for the benefit of the system as a whole. However, the crooks should be in jail, and I commend Palast for bringing this information to light. I was shocked at the sheer enormity of corruption (although, really, one shouldn't be). Lynne Kiesling at Knowledge Problem has a lot of good discussion on energy issues. Just keep scrolling.

Otherwise, the blogroll's still good. Check out the links.


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