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Saturday, September 20, 2003

A bunch more unrelated thoughts: I'm trying to figure out who all of the American University bloggers are. Even counting Xanga and LiveJournal. I added Ben Wetmore to the blogroll. I should add Jeff Behrens. This is supposed to be an AU blog, but I can't figure out from whence it comes. And this LiveJournal thread picks up of couple of freshman honors AU bloggers. Of course, there's also Josh and Phil, but they haven't updated in months.

So that's something I'm thinking about. I'd at least like a master list or something.

In other news, I went to PERF-101 tonight. Hilarious. And yet, the best description of it might have been my original statement to a friend after the show: "That was the greatest inside joke I've ever seen." DPA-philes abound in the audience, and quite frankly, it wouldn't have been as a funny to an outsider (Note: I'm on the fence. Between AU Chorus, my PERF-115 class, and my connection to AU Players, I know most of the DPA people, and I'm inside enough to get most of the jokes. I mean, the final scene was right from the "Curtain Up!" performance. [Warning: Link's a PDF.]). Oh, and New Jersey jokes, which were fully appreciated by me. We're talking quality jokes, not the "armpit of America" type. This section's kind of dying. Guess you had to be there.

While that was going on, I was missing the 2nd Annual American Volleyball Classic. AU beat Loyola 3-0, but lost to Michigan St. 3-1. has full coverage of the day's events.


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