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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Concert reviews, Part II: Full disclosure before I begin. I have a work-study job with the Athletics Facilities at Bender Arena. Let me not mince words: this is one of the greatest jobs ever. My shifts consist of mostly sitting around doing nothing, or homework. And the events mean that you stand yards away from Division I events, or in Sunday’s case, name concerts, working to set the place up, keep order, and other assorted things. (Note: this is also why this blog takes a heavy interest in AU sports. I’m there!) So, for the Dashboard Confessional concert, I was working, and therefore wasn’t 100% a consumer of the concert. So the review is probably skewed. Just a warning.

Thumbs up: PEOPLE! I heard an estimate of about 3,500 at the event (no, I’m not giving a source on that one). That would be more than any concert turnout I’ve seen here at AU. Doors opened at 6:00, and yet, by 4:30 the line to get in had stretched around the corner of Bender Arena. Just amazing.
Thumbs down: They weren’t AU people. I saw lots of high school age faces, some Maryland folk, some GW folk, and some Georgetown folk. But if I had to throw an estimate on the AU people out of the 3,500, I’d say 800. (No source, pure guesswork.) Given that 2,000 tickets were set aside by SUB for AU students, it’s kind of disappointing. Shows like this don’t come around THAT often. I know it was $21, but that’s still cheap.
Thumbs up: The lineup. Dashboard Confessional and MxPx are name bands. CURRENT name bands (I’m looking at you, Bosstones…Tonic…Edwin McCain). And, from what I could hear, they sounded awesome.
Thumbs down: Vendetta Red didn’t play. In all fairness, this doesn’t deserve a thumbs down, because they were forced out because of illness. But it needed to be noted.
Thumbs up: Security. Searched tons of people and got them in without incident. 2000 in the first half hour after the doors opened. That’s quality.
Thumbs down: Idiots who didn’t have their own tickets after going through security. Few and far between, but worth noting.
Thumbs up: To SUB. I’ve praised them a lot, but they’re rolling. This event, Matrix: Reloaded on the quad the next night, and Margaret Cho for homecoming, plus rumors I’m not going to discuss. Aram Richard is doing a stupendous job.

Final analysis: It’s about friggin’ time we had a good concert! The last one was Weezer the year before I got here, and according to lore, SUB, in its infinite wisdom, forgot to set aside tickets, or tell the students Weezer was coming. We’ve gone a long way, and that’s why I’ve got SC optimism. Now if we could only get the GA to shut up….


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