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Friday, September 12, 2003

On Bush and the Royals:

***Back to politics: I’m not so sure what George W. Bush is doing. He seems to be more cautious, when he should probably try to take an aggressive stand against the nine Democratic presidential contenders and their debate talking points. He might have been hoping that the California recall news cycle would last until October, but it’s kind of flamed out. He can go back to the U.N., but he needs to dictate the terms of whatever the resolution will be. Simple as that. He’s also got to push the coherent view of the war on terror better to the American people. That’s what I expected from Sunday’s speech. Something den Beste-ian in terms of grand strategy, to show the big picture, instead of the Iraq war as isolated from the war on terror. He’s not pushing hard enough, and Bush doesn’t play his cards right, he’s going to be in major trouble come Super Tuesday ’04.

***What’s up with the Royals? Minnesota and the White Sox split four, giving the Royals the perfect opportunity to crawl back into the race, and they go and lose two of three to Cleveland! Now they’ve got 4 against Detroit and 3 against Cleveland. If they don’t win six of seven, they’re cooked. They need to make up some ground against the doormats, because Minnesota’s got Detroit and Cleveland on the schedule too. The Royals are 74-71 right now. I’d say 88 wins will take the division, which is 14-3 the rest of the way. But if they get to 80-72 after the Detroit-Cleveland stretch, they’ve got a shot with 7 games against the White Sox, and three more with Detroit sandwiched in between. But the Royals need to concentrate first on Detroit and Cleveland. We’ll know more about where the AL Central stands by this time next week.


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