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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Question essential to your life (or not) : Isabel’s here and storming. In other news, tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day! In other news, The National Archives reopened this weekend. I’ll have to get down there at some point after this freaking hurricane.

In other news (and finally getting to the point), Survivor 7: The Pearl Islands begins tonight. And I’m still trying to figure out whether or not I should watch it. As longtime readers of this site know, I’m a reality TV addict, dating back to my third post ever. I can name first and last names of every Survivor contestant of the first four seasons in boot order (Is this something to be proud of?). And yet, Thailand sucked, and I missed Amazon due to a class conflict. One the one hand, I’m such an addict that I can recognize editing trends way too well (see here for proof), and I’m sick of Mark Burnett’s twist to attempt to fool the audience rather than present a narrative with characters the audience cares about. On the other hand, I’ve got brand loyalty, and I’ll probably end up following the show through TWoP recaps anyway – essentially how I “watched” Amazing Race 4 (thinking about it now, I should do that for Survivor 6).

Final verdict: Watch tonight. If it majorly sucks, stop and follow via recaps. Maybe this season, without following the spoilers, and without playing in five or six Survivor pools, I can appreciate the show on a more casual level, and not bitching about why it sucks so much. So we’ll try that. To be continued, I suppose…

And, of course, all of this is moot if the power goes out before 8.


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