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Sunday, September 21, 2003

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Fact-Checking Your Ass:

From The Hill, via Ben Domenech:

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performed at Fed-Ex Field last weekend, and between classic numbers, like “Born to Run,” the Boss got political. At one point he said he welcomes fans of all ideological persuasions to his concerts, “with the exception of [Vice President] Dick Cheney. I’m not sure about him,” he told the crowd.

Later Springsteen said President Bush ought to be impeached and started chanting, “Impeach, impeach.” But the call was not picked up by the multitude, some of whom even began to boo.

Talk about telling half the freaking story. The Cheney thing was clearly a joke. The "impeach" thing was during the band introductions, the end of the sentence is "Impeach the president...and replace him with Clarence Clemons!" Once again, pretty harmless, tongue-in-cheek humor. I certainly didn't mind it.

And of course, they ignored this even-handed nugget (from the official site:

"People come to my shows with many different kinds of political beliefs; I like that, we welcome all. There have been a lot of questions raised recently about the forthrightness of our government. This playing with the truth has been a part of both the Republican and Democratic administrations in the past and it is always wrong, never more so than when real lives are at stake. The question of whether we were mislead into the war in Iraq isn't a liberal or conservative or Republican or Democratic question, it's an American one. Protecting the democracy that we ask our sons and daughters to die for is our responsibility and our trust. Demanding accountability from our leaders is our job as citizens. It's the American way. So may the truth will out."

We all know Bruce tends to lean to the left a little; it's in his music and he's not afraid to speak out. But the guy's not a political loony, and the Hill was disingenuous in its coverage by making him appear that way.


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