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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Yet another quickie post:

When I look back at it, I think I've done more fun stuff in the first month of school this year than I have ever in my life.

Bruce Springteen was awesome. The man can put on a show, and that's the extent of my commentary on that.

Of course, thanks to the coolest job in the world, I also was here. World-class soccer is cool that close no matter what.

I added MadPony to the blogroll. I certainly visit their site enough.

I was looking on Oliver Willis's site for a link to something else, and caught this post on Gregg Easterbrook's TNR blog. I had noticed the recycling, too, but had neglected to blog on it. Easterbrook, even more so than Dave Barry, seems to be squandering the possiblities of blogging.

Found it. In response to a bet over the Falcons-Skins game, Ricky West had to list ten reasons why a Howard Dean presidency would be good for the U.S. That's not the party I liked, but rather this, which expresses my own sentiments in much better writing than my own:

Chill out, people. We're a strong nation. One that can endure much more than some politician or policy that you abhor. We had the Harding administration, FDR trying to pack the USSC, LBJ sending kids to die in a war that we didn't try to win, Nixon trying to fire anyone who'd investigate his illegalities, Iran-Contra, Clinton lying under oath....all instances that were either despicable or illegal, and we're still here. We survived - rather well, at that. The hyperbole may make you feel better, but it's really just that: hyperbole. Ease off. No one politician is going to destroy our country.



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