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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

AM Follow-ups: I should mention "The Spread Eagle" at some point. The humor magazine which promised "more laughs than the Eagle; slightly less than the American Journal WASN'T FUNNY. Hackneyed cliches about protesters and students hiding from Isabel; and other dumb articles kinda sorta related to AU or politics, which lacked any sort of funniness. I didn't laugh once at it. Sad.

Yankees lose. THE Yankees lose. Home field, gone. And Johan Santana only pitched 4 innings. A few key points: One, the key opportunity lost in the third inning. After getting 2 outs, Santana began to labor, walking Johnson and Jeter. Then Giambi comes up, and instead of being patient (a rarity for him), he swings at three pitches out of the zone. Threat over. Two, Bernie Williams should not be playing centerfield. The injury from this year is still affecting him, and he's still got a noodle arm. An average centerfielder holds Guzman at third in the top of the third. And blowing the Hunter ball (which I didn't see) essentially put the game in the books. And they blew a great start by Mussina.

They've got to hit Radke on Thursday. Get him out of the game and force Minnesota to go to their iffy middle relief (which came through on Tuesday, but they should be able to get to guys like Reed, Rincon, and Romero eventually). 1 run is not going to cut it against the scrappy Twins.

No panic yet. But Game Two is a must-win.

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