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Thursday, November 27, 2003

I normally wouldn't blog on Thanksgiving, but......sometimes stories pop into the news that just throw off your whole paradigm, and you're so close to the action that you kinda need to.

This qualifies. Gao Zhan, a researcher at good old AU, was arrested for selling high-tech equipment to the Chinese. This was the same Gao Zhan whose release was heralded by AU, and even got university president Ben Ladner to come on campus for a ceremony honoring her return. It's quite ironic, I think. I mean, really, whose side is she on?

Just doing a quick search in the AU database for Gao Zhan, I get...

AU WCL's Human Rights Center calls for Gao Zhan's release in April of '01.

A conference report with Gao Zhan attacking China's human rights record.

Another take on Gao Zhan telling her story, I believe this one's closer to her release.

Gao Zhan's statement upon release.

Thinking about it...was she selling equipment to the Chinese in the 90's and then changed her tune after her detention? Did China think that her selling of equipment was a cover for her business? Is that why she was in China in the first place when she was detained?

It's a sticky wicket. No official word's come out of the university. just has a blurb.

As they would say...Developing...


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