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Friday, November 21, 2003

Randomness!: You know, posting more than once a week should probably happen. At this point, I'm not as bad as Rachel Lucas, but worse than the Mad Ponies, except that when they do post, they're entirely more interesting (This is why they have web traffic!).

For the record, I believe the below post is death on statistics. I'm not 100% sure. When I'm done with this Social Science stats class, I'll be more sure. Baseball bloggers, if want any hope of doing interesting analysis, take a stats course. (Yes, this means you.)

The AUCR's are promoting their new blog on the Today@AU webserver. It's a nice blog. I'd join, except that I don't feel like being overtly political, plus I already have this thing to tend to (or not tend to...). I have been thinking about group blogging, if I could grab a bunch of the best and brightest, or at the very least, the goofiest, AU students, and move onto a domain of the non-Blogspot variety. This feeling is exacerbated by the fact that blogging will be even less for me next semester, since I'll be in Australia (have I mentioned that yet)?

In cartoon news, Family Guy may be returning to FOX. Even though I don't catch it on Cartoon Network all that often, it's still hilarious, and I try to join the DVD watching parties whenever possible. In other good news, The Critic on DVD! This one I catch whenever possible, which is usually in its Sunday night Comedy Central timeslot, when I'm home (in New Jersey).

Ben Domenech links to an article in the WaPo on PG-13 movies. Rather interesting, and from having worked in a movie theatre, essentially true.

Blogging's probably shot until Tuesday, and I may try to do some blogroll purging over the Thanksgiving weekend (among other things). I promise an end-of-semester wrap-up in December, although I haven't lived up to that many blog promises in the past (I still owe three book reviews from AUGUST).


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