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Thursday, December 11, 2003

The big stories:

Glenn is following the Iraqi anti-terrorism protests.
The Volokh Conspiracy is examining the Campaign Finance Reform Decision, upheld by the Supreme Court.

In both cases, start at the top and keep scrolling down.

Meanwhile, via Laurence, comes this tidbit:

"American Idol" host and DJ Ryan Seacrest will replace radio icon Casey Kasem as host of the weekly pop countdown show, "American Top 40."

Seacrest, 28, counts down the top songs in the country starting January 10, according to syndicator Premiere Radio Networks.

The revamped show, to be broadcast from the Hollywood and Highland complex, will feature interactive contests and live performances.

Shudder. I've alluded to my hatred of American Idol, which has actually become less and less as the show has gone on (because some of the winners seem like decent people, and it's actually better than most of the crap out there, and at least they're ADMITTING that it's all controlled by the producers). That's a topic for another time. For right now, just know that going from Casey Kasem to Ryan Seacrest is like going, I got nothing.

Another entry tonight, maybe.


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