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Monday, February 02, 2004

Sydney Digest II:

I know Survivor: All Stars is on in the States. We're a week or so behind here (begins on the 10th) so no one tell me anything. I know where I can go if I miss an episode (TwoP).

Speaking of TwoP, it's a good thing I checked that before the New Zealand trip. In the finale of Season 4, the Amazing Racers swam in a shark tank at "Underwater World". On the trip to New Zealand this week, our group is visiting "Underwater World". Yet, I double checked, and the TAR one is on the Gold Coast. Of Australia. That would have been an embarrassing mistake.

As to the cliffhanger from last time, it was the fact that I've only been here two weeks and Australian Idol Guy Sebastian's hit "All I Need Is You" is already making me want to hurt something. On the other hand, there's a cover of the Aussie band Moving Pictures' hit "What About Me" on the radio, so it evens out.

Ah...the Super Bowl. Good game, despite the boring first 18 minutes and the awful third quarter. A fun ending will do that. Read Simmons if you haven't yet, because he always writes a good homer column. But know that this isn't the best Super Bowl ever, unlike Peter King says. Too many lulls. The game two years ago between the Pats and Rams was the same kind of game, but was more exciting. A bad game can end closely, remember. (See: Super Bowl V). Of the top of my head, better Super Bowls are X, XXV, XXIII, and XXXIV. It's probably in the top 10, because most Super Bowls have sucked, but best ever? I don't think so.


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