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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Sydney Digest III:

As always, we start with the state of reality television. I missed the first episode of All-Stars, caught the recap on TwoP, and the second episode is tomorrow night (Tuesday). Of course, the US puts on episode FOUR on Thursday, so I'm going to have to try desperately hard to avoid spoiling the damn show.

Also, there's a wonderful new show here called "The Resort". As reality shows go, it's decent, with a decent plot (hey morons, run a resort!), tons of hardbodies, and lots of good old-fashioned cattiness. The main tension point last week was when one of the girls (Eva, a "showgirl") walked into a another girl's confessional (Tabs), as Tabs was making fun of Eva. And then Eva broke down because she couldn't handle being made fun of. You can't make this stuff up.

On the political side, it looks like everyone's going to rally around John Kerry for the Dem nomination. Who knew that the DC beauty contest would be the last thing Howard Dean won? I'm really hoping for some more drama in the next month with a Dean and/or Edwards insurgency, but Dean's all but dead, and Edwards won't go negative. So, in the end, it'll be Kerry.

And, for the record, the Kerry intern scandal, and the Bush AWOL scandal bore me. I really don't care about the personal stuff, and plus, I'm inclined to believe they're both not true until completely proven otherwise. This is why it's much better to behind behind the scenes in politics than it is to be out front. More control, less publicity. Because no publicity is bad publicity, except in politics.

Since I've written last, I've also been to New Zealand. Beautiful country, but Auckland wasn't great at all. One of my professors this week compared the relationship between Australia and New Zealand to the one between the US and Canada, which seems fairly accurate, when you think about, on a number of levels.

The Yanks are about to trade for A-Rod. Buzz is all over the baseball and the baseball bloggers (Try Primer first). If the Yankees don't move Jeter to third, they are morons, and I will officially go into "fan hibernation". I'll still like the Yankees, but there's no feeling for them in their current conglomeration. Which is probably the best word for it.

I should mention the nightmare of the public transit here. After a blown fuse box (which was initially called a gas leak) shut down the entire system for a few hours about a week and a half ago, now trains are being canceled because drivers won't work overtime, and then the maintenance workers want overtime, and it's going to hell. That, and the train system is fairly complicated and goes out quite far into the suburbs (especially compared with the DC system), and the trains go a lot slower, and there's a ton of buses, but that's another giant headache to figure out in itself. Let's put in this way: When I can get back to DC, five lines, 2 platforms max, and putting money on the card instead of buying the weekly passes (and it's much costlier to ride, namely because the system's more complex, although A$40 for a weekly train, bus, and ferry pass isn't bad when they're all working), I will be grateful.

Shannon Noll (of Australian Idol fame, and of the Moving Pictures "What About Me" cover) is playing Martin Place lunchtime tomorrow. I might go, of course, when I say these things, I probably don't.

One more note: Looking for some advice as to a roleplaying system I'm looking to bring back from the dead, finally, after doing some work over the summer and then putting it off. As long as I have some time here. Anyone who's interested, shoot an email to me. Since the address may be hard to find it is, aukidjoshh at yahoo dot com.



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