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Friday, February 20, 2004

Sydney Digest IV:

First of all, know the schedule. There will be posts every Monday afternoon. I think I've left my blog on US Eastern time, so that's about 16 hours back. Friday afternoon posts are also in the mix, but not as common. A post at any other time (like this one) is gravy, although I'll try to make up for a lack of a Friday post at some point if I can.

Survivor: All Stars Update: Episode 2 aired here Tuesday and Episode 3 on Wednesday, so we're now about a week behind. It's a great show; I'd forgotten how much I loved the antics of some of these people. There's only one thing missing: flashbacks. If this is truly a testiment to seasons past, I want to SEE the past. When Rupert and Rudy make a bond, I want to see the Richard/Rudy, and Lis/Rodger bonds. When Rupert tries to dig in the Saboga shelter, I want to see Barramundi's shelter wash away (yes, that means that I think Jerri was right). When Mariano and Amber flirt (eww), I want to see Mariano and Sarah, plus any other combinations you can shove in the montage. When Shii Ann mentions a coconut phone, I WANT TO SEE GREG BUIS'S COCONUT PHONE! Other than that, it's just great. They hit all the right buttons on Jenna's exit, although I didn't really like Probst turning it into a tribal council-like situation (Having known that Jenna's mother DID die during filming, I was definitely sympathetic. This also makes Jon's granny stunt look even dumber).

I forgot to mention the hubbub about the AU- HOLY CRAP game. Way too big of a deal for a team that shouldn't be our natural rivals (I'm think more like Bucknell); it's simply because they've handed our asses to us constantly until this year (5-1 Holy Cross before this year). In case you haven't picked it up yet, I have not checked the score yet (it was on at Saturday, 4 AM here). Checking it now....65-51 AU! And Bucknell beat Lafayette. AU's 2 games out with 3 to play, but with 3 teams in front of us. Lafayette 9-2, Lehigh 9-2, Bucknell 8-3, AU 7-4. Three games left, vs. 4-7 Colgate, at 3-8 Army, and at Lafayette. Lafayette-Lehigh on Sunday looks like a major game now.

Speaking of AU-HC, let's check the Phil Bender attendance. I'm thinking about 2000, if they're lucky. Eh, can't find it. Will update this Monday.

Speaking of AU, Bob Dylan is coming there! And I'm stuck here. Aram, good show. I'm pessimistic about the AU turnout (don't think it'll be any higher than half the crowd). But, I could be wrong.


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