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Monday, February 23, 2004

Sydney Digest V:

The Patriot League drama continues. Matt B's hunch about Lafayette folding seems to be coming true. Of course, he also didn't see the Bucknell train coming. I did (and I'm searching for the proof...and now that I'm looking it up, both he and I picked Bucknell 5th, I gave them 8-6, and they'll probably exceed that, see here).

One of the things I'm quite excited about now is the AU win in the Rainbow Classic against ETSU. Look at their schedule. Two losses in Hawaii (to AU and IUPUI), and the other two losses at Texas Tech and at Clemson. And since the loss to AU, they've rolled off 15 in a row. I don't care if it's the Southern Conference. They just won at Fresno State. Their RPI is 83! I'll preview the last weekend of games on Friday, hopefully.

Big news here is the detaining of four Australians of Sri Lankan descent on terror suspicion at....Newark Airport (I refuse to call it by its full given name). Here is the original article, which seemed incomplete to me, if nothing else, seeing as it's told from the one perspective of the Australians, without even comment by any government officials, except for a dismissive statement at the end. Now there's an update with Alexander Downer, the foreign minister, commenting. Still haven't head anything from the US, and I highly doubt we will. I'm kind of curious myself as to what happened. It's not as if New Jersey hasn't been in hot water for racial profiling before. (Remember this incident, folks?)

Sydney, baby, Sydney! I've had a happening weekend myself, heading for Star City Casino on Saturday night. And making money (not much, but then again I was playing penny slots...). This was followed by the huge Sydney event, Sony Tropfest. 105,000 people in the Domain to watch 16 short films, most of which were very good. The winning film was "The Money", a short film in which a man being held hostage gets a phone-a-friend from the Australian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. The payoff was great, and it was a deserving winner. Stars abounded, including Josh Lucas, Alan Cumming, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, and Salma Hayek. Near the end it began to rain, and people (including myself) massed to the front of the stage for the awards ceremony. I've got great pictures, better than I thought I'd get. Here's the article from the Herald.

And, to close, a funny Jamie Foxx story. After the casino, a few of the girls from our group went to a club in downtown Sydney. They met Jamie Foxx, and one of the girls got his number (I think). And then, of course, he was supposed to give out an award at Tropfest, and he skipped out before the end. Which was probably better for him, because I was would have heckled him about the night before. OK, so maybe that wasn't that funny.


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