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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Sydney Digest VI:

I realize it's still Leap Day back in the U.S., but it's already March here. That kind of scares me, in that I'm only down under for a couple more months.

Survivor talk: Rob C., I love you. You pull off the one thing I want, which is flashbacks and references to previous seasons (the classic moments, not just the joking around at challenges). And then you get voted off. Oh well, this show is still turning out to be classic.

On the same topic, it appears that the Apprentice has gotten majorly huge in the US. I'm kind of angry that I'm missing it. There seems to be a ton of reality-bashing here with the failures of The HotHouse, The Resort, and My Restaurant Rules. Again, two points. One, it's in the production value; there's good reality TV (produced by Mark Burnett, usually) and bad reality TV (most of the stuff). It's just like sitcoms and comedies. Most of them suck and get canceled real fast. But no one says that those genres are dead? And two, there are different genres of reality TV. That's a discussion for another time.

PL Tourney time! Lafayette's still in the tank, losing to Navy. (Navy! Who then went on to beat Army!) Then Colgate and Holy Cross pulled off upsets on the last Sunday of the regular season, leading to AU getting the 2 seed. And I'll be honest, I like AU's half of the bracket MUCH better.

Round 1: Lehigh over Navy, Bucknell over Holy Cross, American over Army, Colgate over Lafayette.
Navy probably wants to win for DeVoe in his last year, but they're still sucky; BU/HC is the hardest to call, I can see that game going either way, and the winner of that game has to be considered dangerous; AU should romp Army if they're on their game; Colgate's on a bit of a roll and Lafayette is done like dinner.
Round 2: Bucknell over Lehigh; American over Colgate.
I like Bucknell, and Bettencourt is dangerous. Bucknell and Lehigh split during the regular season, each winning on their home court. Honestly, this is just a hunch. American swept Colgate (two 3-point victories) and seem to have put it together now.
Final at American: American over Bucknell.
Uh huh, like I'm not going to be a homer. AU beat Bucknell in the home opener in OT, then lost at Bucknell. Both teams are much better. If the AU home crowd comes out, this might be the year.

So many trades in the NBA and NHL that I can't even follow them all. The Caps seem to have no talent left, trading Jagr, Lang, Bondra, and Gonchar may be the next to go. Meanwhile, Rasheed Wallace gets traded twice in three days, from Portland to Atlanta to Detroit. Van Horn's moving again, it's a lot to take in when you get it in three or four day doses.

Look for an essay tomorrow, in what should be an occassional series of blog articles that aren't in this quick hit format.


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