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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Sydney Digest IX:

Nine Sydney digests in about 2 and a half months. It kind of shows you where my posting schedule is, and will continue to be (I think the only blog I read regularly that updates less often than I do is MadPony. I'll try to get some decent material up in the next two weeks, including some MLB predictions and an essay on sport in Australia that's been rolling around in my brain for about two weeks but I haven't typed out yet.

Reality update: I haven't seen Survivor in two weeks (coming back from Canberra and coming back from Cairns on those two Tuesday). I'll TwoP myself updates before Tuesday's episode and have some semblace of commentary on a whole block of episodes next week. We're also getting a double dose of Toni Ferrari, with the horrendous Love Cruise and the more awful Paradise Hotel. I watched neither in the States, but I'm catching some of it here, and I'd truly forgotten just how bad Love Cruise is. I've said it before, I'll say it again: There are good reality shows and bad reality shows, just like any other genre. You can't use the awfulness and bad ratings of the dregs to insult the genre as a whole. I may drag this out into a long post at a later date.

Sports update: I've been following the Australian test series in Sri Lanka (cricket) and the Ruby League and Aussie Rules Football seasons have started. I'm slowly learning to appreciatte each sport, starting with the cricket, then to the rugby, and now, hopefully, the Aussie Rules (which appears to be complete chaos). This, of course, will be explored in the later essay I referred to earlier. In American sport news, I'm barely following the NBA and NHL, my NCAA bracket is dead, leaving me with the pleasure of catching any games I can. But MLB is starting soon, which is my haven, even though I'll miss about a month while I'm here (although maybe the D-Rays-Yankees games in Tokyo will be on at a sane time!). Predictions forthcoming later in the week. That means that this site will be moving to move baseball coverage in the coming weeks. But if you're looking for something really good right now, head over to The Hardball Times, a compendium of some of the best baseball bloggers.

Note: I will be purging the blogroll and the links when I get home. There's stuff I want to add, and I'll proably be tiering my links rather than the alphabetical format.


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