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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Sydney Digest VIII:

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras: Well, it poured here Saturday night, so the 300,000 or so people watching the parade were very wet, and then, when the gusting winds began to blow, very cold. (Comparatively, of course. I realize that New York and DC are still getting snow. It's going to be in the 90s again tomorrow. So, feh.) It was a very interesting cultural experience, and I'd like to show you, but my pictures really didn't come out. Lots of interesting floats, including a George W. Bush - John Howard "Marry Me" display, groups from the Greens, the Australian Democrats, the Socialists, and the Labour Party (but surprisingly, no Liberals. You'd think that a group would show up just to show that there are gays in parties of the right). Also, a mock on the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction". Interesting cultural experience, and I'm going to leave it at that. (Two more notes: I was sober for this one; some people in the AU group weren't so much, and had a nice wild night. I was too wet too. Also, one member of our group was in the parade with his internship at the AIDS council, and went to the expensive all-night after-parade party, which he said was a ton of fun).

AU Hoops: The AU men just beat Colgate 65-55 to advance to the PL final next week, which will be AT Lehigh, who beat Bucknell, in the only game of the tourney that I missed. The women are also in the final, playing at Colgate. I have no objective basis at this point, but let's just say that if things turn out well, I might be scaring some people at 5:30 in the morning at the hostel next Monday.

Survivor: Evil Pecker Mark Burnett. That's what they call him, and that's what he is and last week's episode proved it. First, the dissolution of tribes challenge. Although, I had a feeling Saboga might go, it was still a neat way to do it, although, honestly, it was probably the only way, but the timing appeared perfect. And, of course, that creates new relationships, like Jerri and Colby, perhaps the greatest Survivor feud of all time, although the fact that Jerri blames Colby for her ouster is odd (it was mainly Tina's doing). And then, a shifting focus from Ethan, to Richard Hatch, to Colby. I had no idea what was going to happen at tribal council, thinking a 4-3 Hatch ouster. It was 6-1. In an episode in which the man who invented Survivor as we know it was finally mastered (think about it: Hatch invented the alliance, which was an unbroken paradigm for three seasons. Tribe loyalty always held. Yes, it was modified by Tina, and screwed up by the morons in Africa, but it was still Hatch's paradigm, and still is what rules most of the basic strategy in Survivor. You don't vote for the weakest member, or who you have a personal problem with. You vote for who is is advantageous to vote for, and you make sure that you have numbers before you vote), Mark Burnett proved that he was the true master of Survivor.

One more thing: Pictures are forthcoming; I just need to set it up.


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